PURLs and Landing Pages

Catch your customer’s eye with PURLs. Direct them to a personal webpage, customized just for them.

Catch your customer’s eye with PURLs.  Direct them to a personal webpage, customized just for them. Personalized URLs, are now an important strategy in both email and print marketing to deliver personalized content to potential customers. Implementing PURLs involves creating a specific landing page for each recipient in your campaign. The PURL itself can then be included in email marketing messages or on personalized print media. Gather valuable data and track your customers interaction.

All PURLs and landing webpages can be customized to your company and customers!

You can even integrate PURLs with  personalized QR Codes to direct specific people to their webpage


  • The PURLs look like they come from your company. We create your own subdomain at no additional charge.
  • You’ll capture valuable customer and vehicle information.
  • You’ll know who hit your PURL and when.
  • Connect your PURL to giveaways to encourage customers to complete their registration.
  • Use feature videos created just for you to tell your customers a story.
  • Consumers can access the PURL from a computer or a smartphone.
  • PURLs can be converted to QR codes for quick scanning
  • Set up special Trigger Offers that automatically deploy to hot leads.

Each recipient is provided a personal gateway to your services & product offerings; inviting them to learn more about your offers on their own time and terms. With PURLs you are able to engage your customers before they shop and start a personal relationship with them before your competition.

Your close rate will increase as these relationships grow and you are able to better understand their wants and needs. The ability to interact with your target audience in the pre-shop stage and obtain valuable information from them through your campaign means a more focused sales approach, increased customer loyalty and retention and profit growth for your business.
Key Benefit Points of PURLs:

  • Raise your response rates 3 to 5 times through relevant messaging & personalized URLs (PURLs)
  • Access reports for your campaign in real-time
  • More likely to capture the 33% of direct mail respondents who prefer to respond online
  • Increase revenue, growth and marketshare
  • Enhance lead generation
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and retention
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