First Touch Program

Our First Touch program delivers, real results in real time! Introduce your brand and make them your customer 1st!

The Mailer- 6×9 VARIABLE Pop-out Plastic Card Mailer. We create the custom art to your specfics. This doesn’t look or feel like anything the consumer has seen before.
The List- Pulled and mailed on a weekly basis, this list offers the “first in” scenario necessary to grab the new homeowner’s attention and capture their valuable buying power before the competition.
Personal URL- Consumer reacts very strongly when they see their name embedded in a URL, and this URL leads them to additional savings on the products they want and need for their new home.
The Landing Page – When the consumer navigates to their personal landing page, the contact form is pre-filled for them, making the process quick and painless. In addition, the landing page can feature an embedded video introducing your store to them. The video creates awareness increases retention.
The Trigger Email- When the consumer indicates the product they are most interested in, our system automatically emails them your designated offer on that product category.
The Real-Time Notification- You’ll receive an instant notification when a consumer completes the contact form on the landing page, and you can have a salesperson immediately follow up and set an appointment to meet with them.
The In-Store Scan to Win- The new homeowner will have an opportunity to win an insured $50,000 shopping spree when they scan their card in your showroom. This chance to win dramatically increases the likelihood of the consumer visiting your brick and mortar location.

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