Amplified Email

with Ringless Voicemail

Engaging Email Marketing combined with unique PURL’s and “Zero Rings™”

Through an email chain and personalized URL (PURL) customers and prospects are creatively brought into the dialog about the vehicle they own and followed up with using voicemail, call tracking and thank you emails.
4,000 records being emailed and a ringless voicemail call.
Leads will be put directly in the CRM.
Ringless Voicemail


Get Your Message Heard

Studies show that you increase your results by adding a direct mail campaign also!! Click Here for more info.

PURL from Email

Customer is sent an email with a PURL (personal URL) and is able to click the link to submit contact information to get his/her trade-in value.
Information is collected and a follow-up email is sent to customer to keep the deal fresh in his/her mind.

Drop a message directly into the player’s voicemail without ever ringing the phone.

Proprietary technology that bypasses a consumer’s cell phone and goes straight to voicemail.  Highest open rate in the market today!

Amplified Email Results

Amplified Emails sent : 3,172.

Zero Rings™: 1,359


420 Purl visits, (13% Open Rate)

95 leads with full information completed and offer request.

135 incoming calls avg. time 1:07

47 Cars Sold

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