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Mobile is not a device, it’s a behavior


If you’ve shrugged off mobile as a top priority 2016, you will need to re-think your strategy for 2017. In an Omni-channel world, and as mobile marketing continues to skyrocket, dealers need to recognize that mobile is no longer just a device, but a behavior that consumers spend most of their daily communication with.  Mobile is quickly being considered as the default shopping medium, with more than 75% of online engagement occurring on a mobile device, according to Comscore.  In a recent IBM digital analytics report, mobile drove over 40% of Black Friday’s online traffic in 2015, when three years ago it accounted for only four percent.

Here’s some number-crunching that’s sure to get your attention.  YOY (year-over-year) Smartphone traffic grew by more than 60% and online revenue surged 141%-growing almost 350% faster in 2016 than in 2015. In comparison, tablet online revenue and traffic each grew a moderate 20%, and average desktop growth continue to decline.

With mobile claiming central importance, it’s essential that all digital campaigns should begin with a “mobile first” mentality and branch out from there.  eMarketer claims that people check their phones 150+ times a day and sixty percent of Facebook users access their account from a mobile device.  And while most reports show mobile represents twenty percent of web traffic and search volume, Google reports that mobile accounts for almost fifty percent of automotive searches.

With all that said, mobile still seems to be the least integrated of all our channels.  Dealers need to embrace the new multi-tasking, multi-channeled consumer and include mobile into all their digital marketing strategies.  Many senior advertising executives are going to start shifting traditional television dollars into digital video ad spending on mobile devices. Geo-Targeting, native advertising and programmatic buying will also begin chipping away at traditional ad spend, as dealers start re-allocating more dollars towards digital.

Dealers must seriously task their strategic digital partners to develop well thought-out responsive design templates, optimized mobile sites, and integrated CRM work flows to help turn frustrating mobile experiences into accessible, productive online sessions. Mobile success goes beyond site design and technology options.  “Mobile first” email strategies ensure vital marketing campaigns are device targeted and formatted. Rigorous attention to SEM and digital advertising campaigns, by leveraging plans, budgets, design, content and device specific link/landing page strategies, can breathe life into your ROI.

One immediate step every dealer should take is making their website mobile friendly.  You can track the mobile health of your website by accessing the “mobile usability report” in Google’s webmaster tools. A great feature of this tool allows you to identify pages on your site suffering from severe usability problems for mobile visitors. You can use this report to diagnose and fix errors for specific pages and improve their search performance and relevance. The report gives you step-by-step instructions to help verify and fix the errors.

Another important adjustment dealers need to account for is their email marketing and follow-up campaigns, especially from their CRM. Historically, email marketing used to be heavily restricted by business hours.  Internet Managers were wise to send outreach between the hours of 9 to 5, or risk being ignored. Email is now the most popular activity on mobile devices, meaning the hours where your messages stand the best chance of being engaged with have also changed.  There’s mobile marketing statistics that indicate email marketing on the weekend now performs best.  Additionally, optimizing your emails for mobile opens and reads is critical. Regardless of how tech-savvy your buyer is, there’s an enormous chance that many of your current and potential consumer will access your outreach via tablet or Smartphone.

Mobile’s influence is real and profound.  It brings with it a host of opportunities, along with the challenges.  Dealers need to embrace mobile immediately.  Your customers and competitors already have. No matter what size budget your willing to invest towards mobile, you must commit to incorporate a basic “blocking and tackling” strategy into your website and digital marketing efforts for mobile devices.

For a list of mobile marketing data that can offer rich insight to your mobile marketing campaigns and complimentary evaluation of your mobile presence, please email me.


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