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Today, dealers are more confused about their digital strategy than ever. Their digital footprint looks fine from afar, but up close it’s fragmented and the dots are not connected. They employ multiple vendors to provide programs and services but fail to deliver a unified message across marketing platforms.

There’s information overload regarding big data. To auto dealers, that equates to “paralysis by analysis.” The savvy dealers are becoming digital disrupters by harnessing technology to change consumer online behavior and forever alter the competitive automotive landscape. Shopping for a car is no longer a linear path to purchase. Dealers chase consumers through multiple online channels, who typically criss-cross between them to meet their needs and whims. The successful dealers are able to immediately provide the right message at every intersection, across every channel.

Dealers can no longer take a single, [...]


Dealers constantly battle the implementation of social media as a marketing and sales tool.  Most are just happy to have the part-time college intern posting on the top social sites a few days a week. Social Media represents a huge potential opportunity for your dealership if used correctly.  And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. You wouldn’t have your intern layout your newspaper ad, negotiate media buys, administer your PPC campaign, manage your BDC follow up….would you?  If you treat social media like a hobby, it will reward you as such.

Social Media has become a powerful element in today’s marketing efforts and Facebook is still the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  If you only have the budget to optimize one social media channel, this would be the one.  Facebook also offers [...]


If you’ve shrugged off mobile as a top priority 2016, you will need to re-think your strategy for 2017. In an Omni-channel world, and as mobile marketing continues to skyrocket, dealers need to recognize that mobile is no longer just a device, but a behavior that consumers spend most of their daily communication with.  Mobile is quickly being considered as the default shopping medium, with more than 75% of online engagement occurring on a mobile device, according to Comscore.  In a recent IBM digital analytics report, mobile drove over 40% of Black Friday’s online traffic in 2015, when three years ago it accounted for only four percent.

Here’s some number-crunching that’s sure to get your attention.  YOY (year-over-year) Smartphone traffic grew by more than 60% and online revenue surged 141%-growing almost 350% faster in 2016 than in 2015. In comparison, tablet online revenue and traffic each grew [...]


Horsepower 360 Marketing Announces Appointment of Jeff Sabes to Area Vice President of Sales


October 12, 2016. Horsepower 360 Marketing, a subsidiary of Wilkin Marketing, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff Sabes to the position of Area Vice President of Sales. Most of his professional career has been exclusively devoted to serving the automotive industry. He brings over 25 years of experience in the media business, which includes selling and managing advertising sales at The Chicago Sun-Times, WGN TV, Chicagoland Television News, and iHeart Media. This background provides a unique perspective of dealer success for Horsepower 360 and its clients. Working across multiple media platforms provides unique insight to consumer motivations when purchasing new and used vehicles.


Jeff is well versed in using data to determine strong opportunities for automotive dealers. He works with clients to [...]


I’ve had the great fortune of working with some of the top eCommerce directors and digital dealers across the country. I continue to see a trend in the qualities and habits these top performers share. Although each dealer possesses more than just five, I’ve decided to document these common threads and share them with you.

  1. Every top dealer has a “digital champion” at the dealership. This is an executive leadership position and responsible for overseeing all eCommerce programs; including the strategy, implementation, execution, and reporting. The compensation plan should not be measured solely on cars sold through the internet department (that is the function of your internet manager). He/She should be able to connect all the dots from your traditional to digital marketing budgets and be able to forecast based on the success and failure of each [...]


A successful PPC campaign is not for the faint at heart. It should be managed and executed by someone who has experience and knowledge. The best campaigns are assisted by some sort of technology that applies science to the art of pay-per-click. It’s also impossible to list all the details of a successful campaign in a condensed article. If you want a customized plan for your dealership, please email me at the contact info below.

The first step to a successful campaign is the initial planning and organization. Since most dealers don’t have an unlimited budget, my strategy is to “own your backyard” first, which should be considered twenty-five miles around your dealership. The preliminary stages include determining who your hyper-target market is, where they are located and what time do they research and buy. This stage [...]


United States , August 1, 2016 – Wilkin Marketing, a full-service marketing firm, including subsidiary Horsepower 360 Marketing announced that it has begun trading on Nasdaq First North Stockholm.

Wilkin Marketing and all subsidiaries will join The Marketing Group, a true 360 digital company, as part of the unique Agglomeration approach.

The Agglomeration model was designed in response to the changing market climate with a single minded purpose – to build a global marketing company that offers smart, profitable businesses access to new markets, new sectors and a network of senior marketing talent whilst retaining full control of their individual companies.

“We are pleased to announce this strategic partnership with The Marketing Group. Amidst the challenging climate in the marketing sector, this partnership will provide us the scale and liquidity [...]

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Time…. It’s a liability or an asset depending on how you use it. It’s dynamic and feels like it’s moving at warp speed one minute and at a crawl during others.

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The earth’s rotation around the sun gradually slowed this week and granted us what scientists are calling a “leap second.” In other words, you had an extra second on Tuesday. How did you use it? If you blinked, you missed it.

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