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A successful PPC campaign is not for the faint at heart. It should be managed and executed by someone who has experience and knowledge. The best campaigns are assisted by some sort of technology that applies science to the art of pay-per-click. It’s also impossible to list all the details of a successful campaign in a condensed article. If you want a customized plan for your dealership, please email me at the contact info below.

The first step to a successful campaign is the initial planning and organization. Since most dealers don’t have an unlimited budget, my strategy is to “own your backyard” first, which should be considered twenty-five miles around your dealership. The preliminary stages include determining who your hyper-target market is, where they are located and what time do they research and buy. This stage [...]

How to “Win the Click”

In today’s automotive digital arena, “winning the click” is where the money’s at.

Let’s face it – if you want sell cars you have to get people to click through to look at what you have to offer.  We’ve all seen the studies that show 63-69% (depending what study you read) of customers’ first contact with a dealership is when they walk in the showroom.  The big question that most dealers are asking is: “What can I do to strengthen my odds that they are going to come see me?”

Unfortunately, there’s not one specific answer to that question; it’s a combination of many things.  If you look at the auto buying survey that Google did, it shows that consumers look at 18.2 sources of information before they buy a vehicle.

If consumers are looking at that many sources, it’s obvious that the answer to the big question is [...]


Burlington, KY, September 7, 2016 – Horsepower 360 Marketing is pleased to announce the appointment of Larry Barditch to the position of Area Vice President of Sales. He will add over 25 years of success as an entrepreneur and automotive digital marketing expert to the team. Leveraging his strong sense of marketing, promotions, technology, and general retail strategy, Larry quickly made a strong impact on the automotive industry. Larry brings a unique skill set to the HP360 team. His dealership experience consists of eCommerce Director at two prominent dealer groups in South Florida. The Director of Business Development at Purecars, a respected Automotive Technology partner, and most recently as VP of Digital Strategy within an automotive advertising agency. Larry has been featured on the cover of Digital Dealer Magazine, is a contributing writer to [...]


United States , August 1, 2016 – Wilkin Marketing, a full-service marketing firm, including subsidiary Horsepower 360 Marketing announced that it has begun trading on Nasdaq First North Stockholm.

Wilkin Marketing and all subsidiaries will join The Marketing Group, a true 360 digital company, as part of the unique Agglomeration approach.

The Agglomeration model was designed in response to the changing market climate with a single minded purpose – to build a global marketing company that offers smart, profitable businesses access to new markets, new sectors and a network of senior marketing talent whilst retaining full control of their individual companies.

“We are pleased to announce this strategic partnership with The Marketing Group. Amidst the challenging climate in the marketing sector, this partnership will provide us the scale and liquidity [...]

Don’t go swinging blindfolded!

You'll miss your target everytime!

003-quote copy

Stop swinging and missing the mark! Our Bullseye Data Targeting can accurately pinpoint your in-market buyers and get the traffic into your doors!

Set your next campaign to cruise control! Create dynamic, measurable campaigns efficiently and profitably from start to finish! Bullseye Prospecting allows you to target customers based on their specific needs. Ensure your marketing campaigns communicate the most relevant offers and information possible based on data indicating where individual prospects are in their specific vehicle purchase life-cycle. Because You Know Your Customer, We Know Marketing and Bullseye Knows Data.

Horsepower 360 and Bullseye Prospecting brings to market a revolutionary approach to the creation of automotive marketing campaigns.

Increase your efficiencies as well as your campaign’s effectiveness.

Call Us Today!  859-309-4434

potential paper

Don’t Miss Your Potential! Time is running out!

Time…. It’s a liability or an asset depending on how you use it. It’s dynamic and feels like it’s moving at warp speed one minute and at a crawl during others.

We all get the same 86,400 seconds each day, except May 31, when we got 86,401.

The earth’s rotation around the sun gradually slowed this week and granted us what scientists are calling a “leap second.” In other words, you had an extra second on Tuesday. How did you use it? If you blinked, you missed it.

Don’t blink, you’ll miss a lot of things. Visualize what your potential could be if you had more time to focus on sales. That’s what we offer. We do all the marketing heavy lifting so you can take advantage of those extra seconds we are granted.


Ready to move your inventory faster?


Reach all of your IN-MARKET-BUYERS with surgical accuracy using state of the art omni-channel digital marketing.


8 Page Full Color Glossy Catalog Highlight your full event and increase your sales with sleek and glossy high res pics and info about your spotlight cars and deals.


9×6 Hybrid with Pop Out Card Call extra attention to your deals and specials and attract potential buyers with an exclusive offer that POPS.


8.5 x 14 Tri Fold Letter in UPS Envelope Our Hottest Buyback Piece right now! Target those buyers with attractive Trade-In offers and special financing. Make this 4th a sales event to be proud of!!! Call Us Today to [...]

Exclusive Partnership Announced!

HP360 Marketing is Adding a Revolutionary Product Now Available to Dealers!


Economies of Scale & Efficiencies Amplify the Effectiveness of HP360 Marketing Offerings

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA (May 2016) – Black Book, a division of Hearst Business Media that provides new- and used-vehicle valuation services and custom data licensing solutions, today announced a distribution agreement with HP360 that enables the full-service marketing company to offer Bullseye Prospecting, a turnkey solution for its dealer clients looking to launch more efficient marketing campaigns.

“Bullseye Prospecting allows our team to expand our 360-degree marketing concept throughout our entire network of automotive clients,” said Lane Kidd, Vice President of HP360. “From direct mail and full-service advertising plans, Bullseye Prospecting reduces campaign costs, enabling dealers to realize greater profits in their customer campaigns.”

Powered by data from Black Book, Bullseye Prospecting is designed to reduce and consolidate the many different touch points involved [...]

Spring is Almost Here!

Are you Ready?


What does that mean to you? Lots of foot traffic and opportunity to turn those window shoppers into repeat customers!!!

Our Creative team is hard at work every season to come up with new and fresh ideas!


Why not connect with your customer base over an Opening Day Baseball Event or a Spring Cleaning Event?   Vehicle sales rose 8% to 1.4 million cars in April, and the industry’s annual sales pace hit about 16 million for the month, according to Autodata.

So again…Are you ready for Spring?

Relax…We are 100% prepared! This spring we can help you clear your lot and make a record selling  event!

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