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5 Steps to Pay-Per-Click Success


A successful PPC campaign is not for the faint at heart. It should be managed and executed by someone who has experience and knowledge. The best campaigns are assisted by some sort of technology that applies science to the art of pay-per-click. It’s also impossible to list all the details of a successful campaign in a condensed article. If you want a customized plan for your dealership, please email me at the contact info below.

The first step to a successful campaign is the initial planning and organization. Since most dealers don’t have an unlimited budget, my strategy is to “own your backyard” first, which should be considered twenty-five miles around your dealership. The preliminary stages include determining who your hyper-target market is, where they are located and what time do they research and buy. This stage also includes determining what your key performance indicators are and setting up benchmarks and goals. One of the top indicators should be conversions. A conversion is defined as an action taken after the click; calls, forms, maps & directions, etc. Do not get caught in the PPC pitfall of CPC (cost-per-click). A more relevant, lower funnel click that is looking for your make/model specifically (i.e. Chevy Silverado 2500) is worth more than a generic, high funnel click looking for a pickup truck. Another important ingredient is developing mobile campaigns since more than 50% of all automotive searches now come from a mobile device.

The second step is creating a relevant PPC ad, using engaging text and content. Developing accurate keywords and campaigns are the lifeline to success. Your ad should be designed to become part of the consumer’s consideration set and win the click to your website. The more work you invest in setting up these ads, the more relevant they will be in your consumer’s eyes and more importantly, in Google’s eyes. Google ranks ads by quality score. Ads with higher quality scores receive better placement and pay a lower bid cost. Creating custom ads will separate the intended buyers from the browsers. And if you had only one dollar to spend in Las Vegas, would you spend it on the browser slot machine or the buyer slot machine? You also want to include negative keywords in your campaign to help avoid unwanted clicks. If you’re a Honda store, advertising Honda Civics, you wouldn’t want your ad appearing in a search on “how to perform my civic duty.” Sounds silly, but you need to tell the search engines to avoid the correlation.

The third step is conversion rate optimization through the landing page experience. If a consumer is searching for “best lease price on a BMW 750i,” your ad should be specific to the make/model and in this case provide a competitive lease price. When the consumer clicks on the ad, they should be taken to a landing page that shows the features and benefits of the 750i and again provides a lease price. In order to increase the conversion rate, you need to provide multiple options for the consumer to take action; i.e. value my trade button, apply for finance button, and chat buttons. I would also recommend you offer alternate similar vehicles; i.e. Certified pre-owned, used and even a lesser model for price comparison. Landing page experience is also a factor in Google’s quality score and will assist in placement and cost.

The fourth step is to utilize a technology that changes out your used car ads in real time. Most successful dealers, on a daily basis, take in trades and sell used cars. Your inventory should be removed/added to your campaigns by an automated technology to maximize your PPC used car budget.

The final step is to examine your results on a weekly basis. Auditing your analytics will avoid waste and inefficiencies and help create better targets and campaigns. Twenty-six percent of most campaigns are wasted on wrong message, wrong audience and wrong time. For a complimentary digital audit on your PPC campaign, please email me.

Interested in creating a customized campaign that utilizes our used car iSEM platform? Call or Email me.

Larry Barditch, Area Vice President of Sales | | 305.801.9677

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